All technology developed by Bitnation Space Agency and the SpaceChain Space Program will be available to the public on an open source basis.
Additionally, we strive to make sure that every component and other features are eco-friendly.

Currently, the SpaceChain Space Program is working on several high-end projects, on which was completed recently by high precision FOG’s and “hacked” firmware’s for existing civilian GPS so they can be used for DIY space exploration.
The civilian global positioning system is limited by enforced regulations that downgrades the performance and accuracy of the system on software level.
By “hacking” the firmware and bypassing the limitations, the current GPS’s can now be used for research and development without the need of expensive military hardware.

The first experiments with such a device was carried out successfully in vinter of 2015, using two high-altitude weather-balloons.
Current GPS’s are limited (by firmware) to a maximum altitude of ~18 km.
The same “hack” will be used to remove the maximum velocity limit (~600 m/s).
This limit will also be tested in summer 2019 by launching an AMRAAM 4 rocket that will reach several mach during the experiment. (The exact speed is yet unknown, as we are still developing the rocket-engines.)

SpaceChain Space Program also envisions to explore the possibility of developing robotic technology for mining on other celestial bodies in the future, mainly the Moon.
Because of the absence of liquid water and atmosphere, most minerals, metals, especially rare earth metals used in electronics can be mined directly on the lunar surface.
Further, technologies for gathering hydrogen and using lunar ice to create oxygen for rocket fuel to haul the ores back to Earth will be researched and developed.
The mining industry is one of the heaviest creators of pollutions on Earth. By moving the mining operations to other celestial bodies or the Moon, there will be a very positive impact on the Earths environment.

Bitnation Space Agency will also do research in developing new technologies in the field of alternative energy sources in the frame of the SpaceChain Space Program.
The program known as “Anti-matter mining”, also known as "AMM" aims to develop technology that will be able to make use of the vast amounts of anti-matter trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field.
Using technology for MRI, we aim to build anti-matter trapps, for safe transportation to Earth, or for using as fuel in fuel-depots in orbit for space vehicles launched from Earth.

However, highest-priority research of the space agency will be to develop a new and eco-friendly rocket propellant in contrast to the very highly toxic Hydrazine that is the standard fuel used by heavy space rockets.
We are working on R&D of a new generation of hybrid engines, using both jet and rocket technology in a single device.
If the experiment is a success, it will impact not only the space industry, but also commercial aerospace as the fuel might be usable as is in traditional jet-engines without any modifications to the hardware.
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