Board of Directors

Pavlo Tanasyuk
CEO and Founder at SpaceBit and  BlockVerify

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof
Chief Executive Director (CEO)
Bitnation Space Agency
Daniel Kalén
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
Iman Mirbioki
Chief Operative Officer (COO)
Head of SpaceChain Space Program
Owner/CEO and Founder of SpaceChain

Meli Ă…kerman
Head of Public Relations (PR)
CEO CopySthlm

Carl Ross Kaberwa
Head of B2B relations

Sofia Larsson
Head of International affairs
Field Operational Officer


Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof
CEO of Bitnation Space Agency
Founder and CEO of Bitnation Governance 2.0, a borderless, decentralized and voluntary type of blockchain-based governance which caters the same governance services to everyone, regardless of country of birth or residence.

Iman Mirbioki
Bitnation Space Agency Chief Operative Officer (COO)
Head of SpaceChain Space Program
Founder and former CEO of SpaceChain Space Program. Former IT-security expert and Chief Security Officer.
Expert in physics, mathematics and computer science and an amateur astronomer since early childhood with the dream to travel to space.

Bitnation Space Agency is operated by the SpaceChain Organization
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