Operational Challenges and Risk Mitigation Strategies

Space missions are challenging endeavors.
Potential risks include damages to properties, endangering the health or life of the staff or people on the ground.
Therefore, every single component must be tested several times and redundancy is an important rule of manufacturing modules to planning every part of a mission.
There is simply no margins of errors when working with high-explosive material or launching rockets that could accidently drop down in populated areas.
The redundancy rule applies to all mission-critical components. All computer-systems, electronic components and likewise have a twin that takes over if the main component fail. In some cases, like the flight-computer, there are three others in reserve if the main system fails.
The navigation-systems guidance components, also known as FOG’s (Fiber Optic Gyroscopes) are always in pairs.
It is more important that a mission goes precisely as planned rather than saving a few dollars. We always look for the highest quality in every mission.
The mission of Bitnation Space Agency (BSA) is to build an international, decentralized and open source Space Agency open for everyone, regardless of nationality, geographic habitat or national geo-political dynamics.


       1. Create a decentralized and open-source space agency.
       2. Research and develop new and better technology for space-travel/space-missions.
       3. Develop new eco-friendly fuel for space vehicles. (Rocket fuel)
       4. Develop a new generation of navigational systems, as the current GPS accuracy and maximum performance (speed and altitude) is limited for space research.
       5. Create a cheaper technology and platform on open source basis that enables those with limited budget to reach space and/or do experiments in microgravity environment.
       6. Develop new and cheaper space vehicles enable of reaching LEO (Low Earth Orbit), GSO (Geostationary Orbit) and other celestial bodies like the Moon or asteroids.
       7. Research in alternative energy sources, mainly anti-matter trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field.
       8. Research and develop technology for mining minerals and resources on other celestial bodies, like the Moon or asteroids.
       9. Creating communication-networks and datacenters in Earth orbit, beyond the reach of any state or regime to work toward total immunity and neutrality of the future IT-infrastructure.
       10. Building fuel-depots and an international network based on virtual currencies for refueling of satellites and other space vehicles.
       11. Doing research in the field of space-medicine and the effects of microgravity and cosmic radiation on living organisms.
       12  Doing research on the effect of cosmic radiation on electronic components in order to develop new technology that is able to withstand the harsh environment of outer space

Every experiment at Bitnation space agency is carefully planned by a team of specialists. Every project has a leading officer in charge and accountable to our stakeholders.

Bitnation Space Agency is operated by the SpaceChain Organization
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