When you are working with a computer, at an altitude of 400 km off the ground, travelling at a speed of at least (often much more) 8 kms per second, it is very essential that that the programming language is easy to understand, in order to be able to make huge changes in the code with absolutely minimal effort. The speed is very crucial and often critical.

Historically, C and then later on C++ became the standard of space industry because of many reasons, but also this.
However, learning, and importantly, coding in C/C++ is a very demanding task. Compared to other programming languages, it is absolutely one of the hardest.

This is why we decide that QB64 (QuickBasic 64) will be the official programming language of SpaceChain.

QB64 (you can read more on www.qb64.org) interprets QuickBasic programming code to pure C/C++, and then the code is compiled by a C/C++ compiler.

You can not only also compile other C/C++ codes together with QB64-code, but also use libraries from other programming languages (DLL/SO-filer) in your code with minimal effort.

inForm helps you easily to create a user-interface in no time – and best of all; because of it is architecture, QB64 is platform-independent, making it available on a wide range of computers and OS’s.

Last but not least; as we mentioned in the beginning, making changes in the programming code is very much faster, as much as 12-15 times, than changing the same code in C/C++.
That was one of the main reasons we chose QB64, and its ability to translate BASIC-code into C/C++ that is the programming language in our branch.

Connect Arduino UNO R3 and Olimex Shield EKG/EMG Rev. B to BrainBay.

By: Iman Mirbioki

Free - public domain.

Arduino C-code:

BrainBay configuration file:
Open the file in a text editor and change "comport=6" to the COM-port of your Arduino before using it. (I.e: if  your Arduino is connected to COM5, then change comport=6 to comport=5)

Make sure that the electrodes are placed as in the picture.

Ver. 1.0.beta
By Iman Mirbioki

Free - public domain.

Download 31,8 MB (33 366 016 bytes)

No installation is required.
Just unzip (extract) the compressed file.

Go to the (created) folder named Asteroid.

Run executable file that matches your machine or OS:

asteroid.exe - Windows x32
asteroid_x64.exe - Windows x64
asteroid_linux_x64 - Linux x64 ELF-binary

If you are unsure, run the 32 bits version. (asteroid.exe)
(Linux users: 32-bit coming soon.)

Apple (Mac) users: OS X version under development - expect download soon

Modifications, suggestions (new weapons, new challanges, etc.) are welcome.
(For source files, you need to register a user first and join the team by e-mail: info@spacechain.org.)

Note: This is only a beta-release of this game and does not reflect the final product.

Next version:
2 player-mode in LAN/WAN. (Networked Multiplayer-mode)
Ability to map hyper-space jump.
Auto-update (optional)

File download section:

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Do not download copies of our programs from other sources.
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Consider any other downloadlink that is not from spacechain.org as a phishing link. We never use other servernames for filedownloads.

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